No Water In The Jungle

This August as part of Camden Fringe festival, Snaggletooth productions presents No water in the jungle, written by Ifeoma Onyefulu. Songs by the talented Caroline Chan. There is a water shortage in the jungle, and sadly some animals are not sharing.
What’s more, Dog is desperate for some drinking water, Hippopotamus misses her relaxing swim in the pond, Elephant, her mud baths, Lion longs for a good wash of his mane, and Tortoise just wants everyone to be happy again.
The situation seems hopeless, but thankfully the animals are not wallowing in their misery too much; they have a few ideas on how to tackle the water shortage. Elephant proposes the rain dance, which is believed to coax the rain out of the sky, Lion, water rationing and Tortoise, a well.
He believes a well will give everyone unlimited amount of water, and once again happiness, and he hopes his best friend, Dog will help him dig it.
Tortoise’s solution seems the best of the lot, however Dog hates hard work, and may not want to help his friend.
So, will Tortoise’s plan work?
Above all, will the spirit of sharing return to the jungle?

Venue – Archway methodist church, Archway Close, London N193DT

tickets £6 .  can be pre ordered from the Camden Fringe web page or pay on the door. If paying on the door you risk being disappointed if we are fully booked so pre ordering is recommended.

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